31st July 2017

Sewing athleticwear on your Oekaki


For any keen sewist, sewing your own activewear can be hugely exciting but also has it’s own unique challenges. Here are some top tips for sewing activewear ready for the summer ahead.

The good news is that the Oekaki machine can easily handle the challenges of sewing activewear. This machine after all is fantastic for a range of home sewing tasks as well as the exciting embroidery capabilities it possesses.

Use the right needle
When sewing stretchy fabrics you want the needle to pass easily through the knitted loops. For this reason you should always use a ballpoint needle. These needles aren’t sharp so they don’t tear the fabrics, meaning your garment will stay strong at the seams for longer.

Use athletic-gear fabric
Technical fabrics like Supplex are moisture wicking helping to keep you cool when you exercise. Keep an eye out for athletic specific fabrics with unique properties that makes them ideal for sewing sportswear.

Finish the edges

You can use an overlocking machine for finishing edges, but you can also use the basic overlock stitch on the Oekaki machine to create neat and tidy edges. Either zig-zag over the edge or use the overcasting stitch. Refer to your manual and use stitches 4, 8, 10 or 13 to create a neat edge. Just watch the video below.


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