14th December 2016

Interview with Kate Tulett


Did you love our Snowflake Placemat Tutorial? Meet the creator behind it! Kate Tulett is a textile artist and teacher known as Katy Lou.

try to source all my fabrics and materials locally, scouring reclamation yards, car booties, the internet and charity shops for just the right frame, the perfect fabric or the cutest button to finish a piece off.


When did you first get into machine embroidery?

I first got into machine embroidery whilst teaching in Tottenham about 20yrs ago. I went to a textiles exhibition at Alexander Palace and was blown away by some of the work. I did lots of research and experiments with my students at school and, to use a phrase Kirsty Allsop has often used “Its like crack cocaine for the craft world!”. And I was off! Couldn’t stop me…

What is the biggest inspiration in your work?

The sea, the woods, stags and poetry are my biggest inspirations. I’m always looking for stuff everywhere, I carry a notebook in every bag I own just incase I miss something. Oh and my trusty mobile phone for photos. What would we do without them!

What is your greatest sewing achievement?

Teaching textiles to others and watching their faces when they produce things like mine with the same expression and excitement!

What’s your favourite thing about the Oekaki Renaissance?

The freestyle foot, the extended workspace and the change from straight to zigzag with my foot without stopping and having to change the settings.

What is your fondest sewing memory?

Doing commissions for other people and using things from everyday life. I love finding stuff that would get thrown away and changing it into something else.

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