13th June 2016

National Sewing Machine Day: The History of Toyota

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This national sewing machine day (over 200 years since the first sewing machine) we’re taking a look back at the history of Toyota. While we’re proud of where we are now, we haven’t forgotten the humble roots the Oekaki Renaissance came from. With a rich history behind us, and the future of sewing at our finger tips, we couldn’t be more excited about the world of sewing today!

The Early History Of Toyota

The seed for the Renaissance was planted all the way back in 1946, when the very first Toyota sewing machine was introduced. Its design and creation were overseen by the founder of Toyota Motor Corporation himself, Kiichiro Toyoda! Just like all of our machines since, Kiichiro Toyoda wanted the HA-1 sewing machine to be both functional and beautiful. Although he viewed the sewing machine as necessary because “people will always need clothes”, style was important. Every home should have a sewing machine, and so the machine should look good in the home!

In fact, we’re still so proud of the HA-1 that we keep one right in our office here in the UK. Even now, its stunning, sleek form is an inspiration to the work that we do.

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Where Are We Now?

Since we began, we’ve produced over 10,000,000 of our sewing machines – that’s a lot of happy hands creating beautiful sewing! We’ve worked to pioneer new concepts, from the first single dial sewing machine to the variable width of the Renaissance. Our sewing machines have created communities, won awards, and delighted crowds. We’re so proud of where we’re taking the world of sewing!

Although we’re always looking to the future of textiles, we haven’t forgotten our beginning. Everything we are today is built on that first little machine. Here’s to the HA-1, designed under the company’s main values: quality, user friendliness, and elegant design – an ethos that’s as important to us today as it was to Kiichiro Toyoda then!

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Want to learn more about the rich history of Toyota sewing machines? Have a look at our timeline of achievements, or read more about the move into the textiles business.


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