27th June 2017

Decades of Machines: National Sewing Machine Day

This month saw an important national day for us sewists, National Sewing Machine Day!

To celebrate the event earlier this month, we’ve put together some lovely vintage inspo for sewing machine fans everywhere. Take a look through our timeline of design. Which era is your favourite?

The Very First

The very first Toyota sewing machine was created in 1946 by Mr. Kiichiro Toyoda. The sewing machine came long before any cars made under the company name! This machine came in the sleek black and gold design that we all know so well, having been emulated by many other companies since.

The 60s Look

In 1961, the aluminium machine look became popular, along with the introduction of lighter colours. The aluminium machines have a beautiful retro look and still work fabulously today! These machines were also the first to have zig-zag

With thanks to Masinski Kutak for the photograph

The Era of Home Sewing

In 1988, Toyota launched its first machine intended for the home sewing market. This is not to say that Toyota was not already making machine intended to be used at home. Though it was common for each home to have a machine, the home sewing era saw more and more hobbyists and the sewing machine became a tool for entertainment, learning and expanding skills rather than a household tool. This is the era of the white plastic machines which remain a popular style to this day!

Modern Machines of Today

In the modern era, sewing machines have so many possibilities. The inclusion of computerised panels makes stitch selection easy, we have so many features to play with and so much more that we can do. But one thing that is set to change it our taste for the look of our machines. Do you think the new brightly coloured machines are the future, or do you prefer the more classic style?

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