20th May 2016

Oekaki Renaissance Brings Smiles To Milano Salone 2016!

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This April saw the return of the design festival Milano Salone, with spectacular displays of design and innovation – so of course we had to be there! AISIN*  has exhibited every year since 2014, and this year’s theme of ‘The Fun of Monozukuri’ was perfect for us! It was all about exploring creativity and enjoyment in life, using technology in harmony with nature and fun. There’s nothing Oekaki World loves more than creativity and fun of course! We set out to make people smile, and we showed it – our Imagine New Days installation was a haven of creative free motion embroidery and happiness!

Oekaki Renaissance at Milano Salone

We brought along a playful interactive display to fill our space, with a maze of hanging embroidered fabrics. Our piles of soft cushions seemed popular too! Watching the crowds giggling as they felt their way through the stitch field was wonderful. The whole area showcased the idea of using sewing to make life more fun and adventurous.

Speaking of something to make people smile – hidden in the fabric forest were some bright and bold coloured Renaissance machines. They may be beautiful, but they aren’t our new colours, no! Our designers in Japan created these one-off machines just for the Milano Salone event, and we absolutely love them!

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These fabulous versions of the Oekaki Renaissance were the perfect centerpieces, allowing visitors to see the joyful, stylish side of sewing. They certainly created quite a stir with their striking design! Our classic red, stylish black and soft sage green machines all received a warm welcome too, with plenty of happy faces having a go at making something special!

Allowing the crowds to sew with the machines was a fantastic way to spend the event. Getting hands-on with some free motion embroidery showed us how artistic everyone is when they get the chance to show it. Our thanks to all at Milano Salone 2016, for having a go at something new!

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Milano Design Award 2016: Best Engagement

Not only did we have a wonderful time showing off our sewing machines and watching people get crafty, we also received an award for our installation! Imagine New Days came away with the Best Engagement by IED award, which looks for the best and brightest in engagement and experiences.

The best installation that distinguishes the bridge between the piece and the public, establishing an immersive rapport via the diverse aspects of the installation (location, sounds and lighting).

We’re thrilled to have received this award in particular, because it shows exactly what’s important to us – a colourful, welcoming world of textiles and embroidery! Bringing play, creation and laughter together in one space made this event truly memorable.

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You can see more photos from our display over at our facebook album for Milano Salone 2016, or read more about the Milano Design Awards on the Fuorisalone website. Thank you to everyone who came to see us – we hope you had a wonderful time, and we’ll see you next year!


*AISIN Seiki manufactures the Toyota sewing machines and other products/services. Aisin is a member of the Toyota Group of companies.


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