27th January 2017

Successful Sewing Resolutions


How has January been treating you? Now that we’re a few weeks in, all those resolutions made on New Year’s Day might have started slipping from your mind….

Each new year brings bright new promise to our sewing plans. We WILL finally get that one project complete. We will finally stop being scared of that new technique and give it a try! So here are some tips for getting your sewing resolutions to stick in February, and the rest of 2017!

1. Don’t take on too much at once
Often we attempt to take on too many resolutions at once, and then when we fail we feel terrible about it. Instead, choose smaller projects you want to work on to meet your goal. It’s a journey, not a race!

2. Just do it
Yep, sometimes the best way to get over that hump is to just do it. Just get started. Try out new techniques on scrap fabric and just give it a go. If it goes wrong, well you’ve learnt from your mistakes and can do better next time!

3. Ask for help and advice
Nobody expects you do know everything, so seek out people who can help you and ask for their advice. Most people love to offer their skills to newbies! Seek out a family member with some experience and ask them for a sewing session. As long as there are cakes and tea most people love to help!

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