The award winning stylish OEKAKI RENAISSANCE sewing and embroidery machine is everything you love about your Toyota sewing machines and amazing new features.

This machine is specialised for free-motion embroidery. Pioneering Variable Width control technology, great for gorgeous calligraphy and text and SuperJeans function that lets you glide over many layers of fabric with ease. Other amazing features like taking stitch, speed control, quick advisor & drop feed to name a few!

Not to forget the gorgeous award winning design, there is no more sleek and stylish machine than the Oekaki.
It has never been easier to draw with your sewing machine as it lets you draw directly onto the fabric. Add personal touches to your sewing through free hand embroidery.

Main Features

  • Oekaki Function – Variable width control
  • CPU (Computerised Machine)
  • Super Jeans Function with Glide over 12 layers



OEKAKI Function

Variable width control

  • TOYOTA developed a brand new technology that will take you to a brand new world!

What is ‘variable width control’?

  • In OEKAKI (free-motion embroidery) mode, the stitch width can be adjusted by how much the foot controller is pressed.
  • Lightly stepping on the foot controller selects a narrow stitch width, stepping further selects wider width. Slightly releasing the foot controller selects a narrow stitch width.
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