Oekaki RS2000

Please note, this product has been discontinued.

Limited availability – Please contact us for further information.

The World of Oekaki was for all things fun, creative, colourful and sewn. This page was used to inspire your sewing projects and bring you top tips as well as being on hand for any questions you had along the way.



お: O = Formal prefix     絵: E = picture     描き: KAKI = to draw

Oekaki was born out of the Japanese term “to draw”. We wanted to bring you a sewing machine that helped you to create special unique and personal projects while having some fun. So out of that idea we brought you our very first Oekaki model that had been cleverly put together by our design team and came with a special starter pack that aimed to make it as simple as possible for you to make the most of the new purchase at the time.

The World of Oekaki also offered a range of tips, tricks and treats for users each week to aide them in their creative path. We all know that sewing is an evolving art and learning new techniques bit by bit is always is one of the best ways to build your skill and knowledge.

The Oekaki world was the place we wanted you to be able to come to for fresh inspiration, ideas and help along the way. This also gave us the opportunity to see how you had been getting on, what you had been making and what you’d potentially have liked to make.