18th November 2015

Crafty Christmas Inspirations – A Creative Round-up


We know you might not want to hear it, but Oekaki World is ready to share the harsh truth with you: Christmas is coming, and it might be time to start preparing. We know, we know, it seems so early! But we want you to be ready in time, and we’ve gathered up our favourite Christmas craft inspirations to help you.

We think each of these ideas will add some super, sewing flair to your celebrations. Even better, these Christmas craft ideas all look like perfect stash busters, to help you tidy up in time for the new year (as well as creating a stylish holiday feel on a very reassuring budget!)

Creative Gift Wrap

Wrapping paper might not be your first thought when you think of a homemade Christmas, but we promise it’s worth the time! You don’t have to go overboard, homemade chic will be a winner this year – and rustic charm is easy to create yourself. Using a smart brown paper and embellishing with simple stitches is a great way to give a gift that looks almost too good to unwrap!

One quick but effective option is adding an easy 3D motif to your wrapping paper, by straight stitching over paper or felt shapes. We love this stunning tree silhouette example below – the striking black of the motif works amazingly!

Black Tree Garland Wrapping Paper via Hello  Natural

Black Tree Garland Wrapping Paper via Hello Natural


If you want to your presents to pack a punch but don’t have the time for such an artistic flair, try shaping instead! Cut a Christmas themed shape from your paper, then sew around the edges as a great way to make a fun gift wrap (without getting tangled up in tape). These star and stocking packages are fantastically fun, and would be so quick to put together!


Paper Gift Packets via Country Living

Paper Gift Packets via Country Living


Crafty Christmas Cards

Cards might be another unusual choice, but we love the way a mixed media Christmas card stands out. Whether you’re attaching a quilted square, sketching with embroidery, or producing stunning raised lettering, the look and feel of a beautifully stitched card makes a really special statement. Check out this adorable snowy tree scene, sewn with scraps and sequins!


Scrappy Sewn Christmas Cards via As It Seams

Scrappy Sewn Christmas Cards via As It Seams


Home-sewn Decorations

Last but certainly not least, the home-sewn decoration is a classic staple of a crafty Christmas. Sewing up your decorations on a cosy evening, full of festive spirit, has to be one of our favourite things about the holidays. They’re the perfect project to get your friends or family involved with, and everyone can make some Christmas memories along with their crafts!

The best and most effective choices are sweet but simple – remember you might want to be making a lot of them! We love the scrappy charm of these odds-n-ends trees, or the understated appeal of these rustic sacking fabric stars.

Scrappy Tree Hanging Decorations via Monda Loves...

Scrappy Tree Hanging Decorations via Monda Loves…


Sacking Fabric Stars via Modern Country

Sacking Fabric Stars via Modern Country


Remember, crafting your Christmas doesn’t have to be expensive, stressful or time consuming. A little creative thinking can lead to some surprisingly easy ideas that brighten up the room without breaking the bank. After all, Christmas is all about caring for each other – and what better way to show your love and thanks to the special people in your life than with a thoughtful, handmade touch. Happy crafting, everyone!

If you’re inspired to sew up a festive storm, we’d love you to share it with us – you can email us at social@oekakiworld.com, or get in contact via Facebook or Twitter.


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