31st January 2016

Toyota Sewn Up Challenge 2016, join us and get your sewing sorted!

Toyota Sewn Up Challenge 2016

We’re comfortably settled into the new year now, and we feel like 2016 has a lot of promise – so we’re making a promise to the year! Through all of 2016, we’ll be running the Toyota sewn up challenge to make sure we’re committed to our crafting.

So what exactly is the Toyota sewn up challenge? Simple: take a look at your sewing pile, and choose at least one item that you pledge you will finish this year! We know how hard it can be to tackle a sewing pile that’s grown out of control, so this challenge is all about trimming those to do lists down to size. It doesn’t have to be a big project – however much you think you can manage is fine. Whether it’s a king sized quilt or a baby dress, the important thing is that you finish a project that’s be sitting in the corner for too long.

While we’re not limiting you to one project (every project is an achievement, but the more your can finish the better), we do recommend you only work on one project at a time. Take your time on a stubborn sew that’s been bothering you, and don’t forget to turn to the Oekaki World community for help whenever you need it!

Toyota Sewn Up Challenge 2016

Share Your Sewing Success

Every month we’ll be posting about the Toyota sewn up challenge on our facebook and twitter, so you can keep us updated or ask us and the Oekaki community for tips. You can share your progress or questions with us at any time, just leave us a post on facebook, twitter or instagram with the hashtag #toyotasewnup in it! We’ll also be putting photos of your finished projects into our Sewn Up pinterest board too, so don’t forget to show off your completed sewing with some stylish photos. Good luck!

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