19th October 2015

Marvellous Mini Quilts: Why We Love Sewing Small

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As the nights get longer and the weather colder, our thoughts at Oekaki World obviously turn to quilts – but this year our attention has been caught by something a bit unusual in the quilting family. Small in size but packing a powerful creative punch, mini quilts have been making waves in the craft community recently, and they’ve definitely won us over! We’ve been thinking tiny this week, to come up with some great uses that prove just how worthwhile these little quilts can be!

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So, What Is A Mini Quilt?

A mini quilt is exactly what it sounds like – a very small scale quilt! There’s no standard size that makes your quilt a mini quilt, but we reckon you’ll know just by looking. You may be wondering what the point of a quilt you can’t snuggle up in is, though, and we understand your concern. Well don’t worry, we’ve found plenty of uses! It certainly depends how small you go as to how you can benefit from a mini quilt – slightly shrunken quilts are perfect for young children, for example, where they might struggle under something full size. Something smaller still might make an excellent wall hanging to complement a room, which is a fun alternative to pictures and posters! We’d love one in our craft room…

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Mini Quilt Camera Wall Hanging, via The Littlest Thistle


Why not use some fun prints and thick wadding to create a cosy quilted play mat for cold floors? Still not small enough? Super mini quilting projects make excellent coasters – try our quilted coaster tutorial for some tips and tricks – or with some additional ribbon for hanging them, they make lovely Christmas decorations too!

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Mini Quilted Christmas Ornaments, via Stitch Fancy


We also love the trend of crafting unique mini quilts for craft swap creations, allowing you to show off your creative skills on something cute and personal – but you won’t end up overdue on your gift, and they won’t have to struggle to find somewhere to keep it!

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Personalised Sewing Machine Mini Quilt, via Monkey Beans


The thing we love most about them though is that a mini quilt is a great, quick way to practice something you haven’t tried before, or to show off something you love. New or beloved techniques, colour schemes, free motion designs and more can all be experimented with, without the commitment of a full size quilt to weigh you down. Their small size also makes them superb ways to use up your scraps stash – those fat quarter leftovers might come in handy after all!

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Mini Quilted Apple Bookmark, via Electric Quilt


So where you’re making gifts, testing new techniques, or just fancy some healthy stash busting – we reckon mini quilts have something to offer everyone!  If we’ve got you in the mood to make a mini quilt now, don’t forget to share your thoughts, ideas or creations with us as part of our latest competition!


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