23rd May 2013

Pinspiration – Using Pinterest For Sewing Ideas

Have you ever really wanted to start a sewing project but found it hard knowing where to begin? What to make, what fabric to use, how to do it? The list goes on and it’s so easy to put it off until we know what we want …

You’re definitely not the first and you won’t be the last but are you tapping into the resources we have around us in this day and age, especially the free resources brought to us by the wonderful world of the web? Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced sewer of many years there sometimes comes a time when we all hit a ‘sewing block’. It may last a few hours, several days or even weeks but don’t be put off … we have thought of some ways to help you be inspired.

Even the best of authors admit to sometimes getting ‘writer’s block’, and it’s virtually the same thing, right? And it is nothing to get concerned about. But we love to help you keep so we have thought of a little guide to keep the inspiration going and our big advice is to visit Pinterest!!

It’s like those Monday mornings. You know you have some great things ahead of you but after a slow start you struggle to get going into the week. Many of us turn to a strong cup of coffee to be our Monday morning fuel and after that we are good for all the weekly activities ahead (until the next Monday morning strikes and we have the same pattern occur). 🙂 Well, continuing this story, we have found Pinterest to be our coffee!! I discovered it about 2 years ago and have consistently found the benefits and so last year we decided to set up and start using our Toyota Home Sewing and Oekaki World Pinterest boards.

Pinterest can kick start any sewing project, it’s the perfect tool for anyone who loves to look at pretty and creative things, soak them in and let them inspire and encourage!

If you have Pinterest, why not start up a new internet tab or window and try it out now. If you don’t have Pinterest, then consider taking some time either to set up an account and familiarise yourself with it or feel free to continue reading on to see what it can do before you decide

to register.


Take a look at the search bar, it is extremely helpful. You will find this at the top left hand of your screen (shown below). Type in anything you are interested in, from ‘sewing’ to ‘sewing machines’ or ‘summer dress’. I recently moved house and even found interior inspiration and lots of lovely little home furnishing ideas – when they say the sky is the limit, it really is with Pinterest and the web. So, why not try it for yourself?! Pop to your Pinterest page sand type into the search box, click the magnifying glass and see what wonderful things appear.



After you have done a search, scroll down the page and when you notice something you’d like to keep on record just hover over it and click the ‘PIN IT’ red button. Type in what you’d like it to say (usually a good reminder on why you like it or how it inspires you) and select which board you’d like to pin it to, and that way you can come back to it time and time again. If you don’t wish to repin it then you can always choose to like it and encourage the person who uploaded it.


Have you ever worked on a project and found mood boards to be helpful? I don’t tend to use them as much now as I have replaced them with my Pinterest boards but they were a daily necessity for me when I was planning a fashion collection. Basically, what Pinterest have cleverly done, is create areas that will help you organise your findings. So, if you’d like to look for sewing ideas as well as some home DIY inspiration then you can set up a separate board for each. What this also means is that you can follow other user’s boards too – which can be super helpful if you find a great one.



So, you like something on Pinterest and the title says “How To” or “Tutorial” etc but you want to know how to access it. Once again, Pinterest have kept things pretty simple and all you have to do in most cases is click on the image and you’ll be taken to the post. In some cases there may be a link that you need to copy and paste and every now and again you may find there is no link at all, but in this instance my advice would be to simply take the inspiration and then pop over to Google search and find an alternative.


People sometimes Pin to a specific product that you may wish to buy. For example, we have an “Oekaki Store” board and everything on this page has a link back to where it can be bought from to help viewers quickly access something they may like. Simply click on the image and see if the website opens up. If you are on a board that doesn’t appear to have a link to it then again, simply pop over to Google Search and try and find it this way.

There you have it, a very simple guide to using Pinterest and being Pinspired. Sew, next time you get that sewing block I hope this method helps!!!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Some other ways I get myself motivated and inspired are by attending sewing classes. I just love to be around people with the same passion and like-minded and there’s a great sense of community. I hold a group of sewing classes but I also love to go along to classes myself to keep at the heart of things. Alternatively you could pop onto our Oekaki Facebook and check out the wonderful Oekaki User Photo Area we are building to see what other Oekaki users are up to (send us your creations if you’d like us to add them). You could even take the opportunity to ask everyone what they are making too.

Good luck and happy pinning. If I have kept things a little too basic, I always find it is easier to learn through doing, but if you have any questions then feel free to ask me or our other Oekaki members on the Oekaki Twitter and Facebook pages.

Oh, yes, and check out our Oekaki World Pinterest too!!

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