20th November 2012

All We Want For Christmas – OEKAKI in Sew Today Magazine

Toyota Sewing Machine

This really is the ideal buy for Christmas as it’s one for all the family.

We believe in having fun with Oekaki and sharing this with all generations, sew:

Mums & dads, why not sew in names to kid’s bags, towels, clothing and save yourself the time and money of searching for the right ones or constantly replacing.

Homeowners, use Oekaki to up-cycle things around the home like cushions, wall art and much more.

Students, we can’t think of a better way to express yourself whilst developing your creativity & skill at the same time.

Children, love all things fun so why not introduce a new element of crafting and involve them in your Oekaki projects.

It’s a sewing machine for everyone, whether you’re brand new to sewing or whether you’ve been sewing for years … our OEKAKI machine will bring fun to share with all!! Have you started your ‘Dear Santa’ wish list? Don’t

miss out!!

Sew Today Oekaki

The Oekaki Machine will be on sale in the UK from Friday 23rd November 2012!

To find out more please visit our Facebook or contact us.

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