29th January 2017

Ah tissue! Make this cute tissue holder


Feeling sneezy this January? Well, we’ve got you covered with this cute little tissue holder! Easy to make and easy to decorate with your Oekaki Renaissance.






To make this project you just need two small squares of cotton, so it’s a great project for using up scraps.

First, cut one square the same length as your tissues and roughly double the depth from your outer fabric. Then cut another square almost the same except an inch taller.

Embroider your message onto the lower edge of the outer fabric you have chosen using your Oekaki Renaissance.

Stitch the two pieces right sides together down the outer edges. Your inner fabric is slightly larger so you will get a bit of excess fabric here but that’s fine, don’t worry. We need this ease of fabric to help make our pretty bound edges.

Press the fabric flat, pulling half an inch of the lining fabric over onto the outside fabric so that the fabric lies completely flat.

Fold the edges towards the centre (lining fabric showing up) and stitch along the short edges. Then turn your tissue cover right side out. And you’re done!


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