29th August 2018

Embroidered Bees & DIY

There’s been quite the fashion for bees this year, and we at Oekaki world have totally fallen for them. How could we not? These busy little creatures are not only wonderful additions to any garden, but they’re fabulous for stylish homewares, and fantastic for embroidery too. With bold stripes, delicate lace-like wings and superb style, it’s hard to say no to this tiny trendsetter!

The Bees to Be Seen With

If you’re not convinced by the bee buzz yet, we’ve gathered together some of our favourite craft inspirations to try and change your mind. There’s a style to suit everyone out there, and we’ve even made a template of our own to get your sewing started!
Our first favourite is a sewing staple – we’ve never been able to say no to a brooch, and this mixed media piece by etsy user PhillipaEngland is no exception. With unbelievable attention to detail, it captures our favourite fuzzy friend in amazing 3D minature, and the fine vein embroidery on those tiny wings is just too adorable. We’ll take two!





You don’t always have to go delicate or intricate with your bees of course – they work fabulously with clean, geometric patterns too. The bee and the honeycomb are perfect partners after all! We love this bright, bold tote bag from Lia Griffiths Studios, making stunning use of clean lines and bright contrast.
For fans of patterns instead of bold statements – don’t worry! Beautiful bees work great with friends too – we love this striking patterned cushion from Bibi’s Boutique. Scaling down the detail and using just a single stunning gold colour makes this pattern pop perfectly, without too many fussy details.


Our Best Bee Template

With all the phenomenal bee-inspired sewing out there, of course we’re itching to have a go ourselves! What else would we be thinking of but how to work some stripes into our own embroidery projects?

To help you join in with the buzz around bees, we’ve made you this bee-rilliant template for embroidery or appliqué. To use it, simply right click on the image and save – then print out to a paper template, or straight onto your fabric. Choose your project, and you’re ready to get started: the variable width function of the Oekaki Renaissance makes short work of those delicate legs and broad stripes! We think this would work best with bright gold and deep black threads, or as delicate whitework for a subtler bee.


If you’ve embroidered a bee worth its honey, we’d love to see it in action. You can share photos to our gallery, on our facebook page, or tweet us your best bee!