29th November 2016

How to make a personalised mug cosy

Looking for quick Christmas gifts with a bit of magic sparkle? How about a personalised mug cosy to let your friends and relatives know you care? Every time they have a lovely hot drink, they’ll think of you!

To start, download our mug cozy template and cut out three pieces from this template to match your mug’s size. You want an outer fabric, lining fabric, and some interfacing.

Affix the interfacing to the lining fabric.

Switch on the Oekaki mode and make sure you have your specialised foot ready on your machine. Pin the outer and interfacing together and start stitching your unique design onto the fabric! This could be a personalised name, drawing or an interesting piece of artwork. Use your imagination!

Next, add your elastic closure to the outer piece. You could use a piece of coloured elastic, a ribbon or even a coloured hair tie! Stitch in place as in the picture, with the raw ends off the edge of the outer piece. These will be caught inside the layers of the cosy keeping your project lovely and neat.

Now, take your lining piece and place the outer (complete with pretty design) right sides together. Sew up using a normal straight stitch around all edges. Leave one edge open so that you can turn the mug cosy right sides out. Give it a good press on all edges to make a neat shape. Hand stitch closed the turning hole.

Finally, stitch a button in place to secure your elastic too. And you’re done!

There are so many options for these mug cosies. Make ones for all your friends and family using scrap fabrics and a range of fun designs.

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