14th May 2015

How to Make “Made With Love” Embroidered Labels

Embroidered labels are one of our biggest secret weapons at Oekaki World. Picture the scene: a practised, polished project is finally finished. It turned out perfectly. You take a step back and admire your creation, but something still feels missing. We’ve all been there, but allow me to let you in on the solution: labels! Adding simple embroidered labels to your work is the ultimate finishing touch. It adds a personal yet professional feel to your sewing, and lets the world know that your work was crafted with care!

Adding a label may seem like a hassle if you haven’t bothered before – but don’t worry! For those of you who haven’t attempted embroidered labels before, we’ve provided you a template below. This patch style label is a great beginner design, perfect for sewing onto the back of a dress or shirt.

Step One: Prepare the template

Create your label with a medium weight cotton or linen and thread of your choice, as well as an embroidery foot and your free motion skills! A thread that matches your garment fabric can be a fun complement, or try a classic black thread label for a stylish traditional touch.

Oekaki World template for creating embroidered labels

Once you’ve downloaded the template, print or trace it, and transfer onto your fabric – you can draw lightly on your fabric by hand, use an iron on transfer, or simply sew over a thin sheet of tracing paper. You can even use ordinary baking paper to trace the template, then sew straight over it! Just pin the tracing in place over your fabric and tear off when finished. The stitches will perforate the paper for easy removal (use the point of a pin or tip of a needle to remove stubborn paper in corners).

Step Two: Sew the lettering

If you haven’t tried your hand at lettering before, watch our tutorial video on text and characters first. Each word can be sewn with one continuous line of machine embroidery. Either sew over your first try two or three times, or use the variable width function of the Renaissance to add weight to the curves of the letters.

Tearing the perforated template paper away from the stitches

The variable width is particularly useful for the needle part of the design. Start from the eye of the needle, pressingly lightly for a straight stitch to outline it. Then press firmly for a zigzag to fill the widest part of the needle. Gently lift your foot off as you sew towards the point of the needle, for a smooth tapered line.

Step Three: Cut along the edge into the desired “label” shape

Once you’re happy with your embroidery, cut a clean rectangle around it, and notch the corners. Fold each edge underneath and press flat for a tidy label. Place into position on your finished sewing project, pin to secure, and sew around the edges to attach. Once you’re finished, take a moment to admire your successful sewing!

finishing embroidered labels

Other ideas for embroidered labels

Of course a big illustrated embroidered labels like this template won’t work for a pair of gloves or a tie! There are several types of labels, depending on what you’re creating – for small pieces of sewing, try a sweet tab tag. Embroider initials or a heart onto one half of a length of ribbon, then fold and press in half before sewing into a seam or neckline. You can also make smaller patch labels like this one for the lining of bags or larger, square patches to be used in the corner of a quilt!

Whether you work from our template or create your own personalised labels, we’d love to see them in action! You can email us a pic at social@oekakiworld.com, or get in contact via Facebook or Twitter.

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