05th March 2014

How to Make Fabric Baskets

Learn to make fabric baskets for storage and organisation with this easy tutorial. These baskets look complicated but they are easy-peasy with only two pieces of cotton and one piece of interfacing per basket. You can make loads of different sizes and use up your stash of pretty cotton!

Supplies (per one fabric basket)

  • 1/2 a metre (or yard) of outer cotton. (Two fat quarters)
  • 1/2 a metre (or yard) of lining cotton. (Two fat quarters)
  • 1/2 a metre (or yard) of heavyweight interfacing suitable for collars/cuffs.
  • Thread
  • Any embellishment you like!



  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Shears/scissors
  • Paper & pen to make your template
  • Measuring tape
  • Ruler or quilting ruler/square

Creating your templates

There are two different sizes in this tutorial, but it’s easy to make your own based on the shape below. Simply mark out the following template onto your paper and cut out.

Fancy making a different size? Just make the template the height you want on the two horizontal sides, and then add the inset corners depending on how big you want your base to be.

Cutting pieces

For each size, cut the following:

    On the fold:

  • One of lining piece cotton
  • One of outer piece cotton
  • One on interfacing

Working with directional fabric

If your fabric is directional (needs to be up a particular way) then you’ll need to cut a little differently. Don’t cut on the fold, as this will make your print upside down on one side of the fabric basket. Instead, add 1.5cm seam allowance to the bottom (shorter) edge on your template and cut two pieces, not on the fold.

In order to start working with your two directional pieces, just seam them right sides together along the bottom (shortest) edge.

Making Up

First, attach your interfacing to the lining piece. You should now have one piece of outer fabric and one piece of interfaced lining per basket.

With right sides together, the seam along the vertical side seams and press seams open. Do this for all pieces.

Pinch the bottom corners, lining up the side seam with the centre of the base of the fabric basket. If you’ve sewn with a directional fabric you’ll be matching seam for seam here. Pin in place and sew both corners to create a structure that should stand up on its own. Do this for all pieces.

Attaching lining and outer pieces

Take your lining piece and turn it right side out. Pull your outer fabric piece over so that you have right sides together, matching the side seams and easing the fabric throughout.

Using a point turner to push the corners into each other so they match and are sharp and crisp.

Pin and stitch all around the top seam, 1.5cm from the edge. Leave a 3-4 inch gap so that you can turn the piece later.

Make sure you finish the end of your top seam with a few layers of backstitch. It’s important that this seam is super strong at its edges so that it can withstand being turned. You’ll be turning a fair amount of fabric through only a small hole, so make sure it’s strong!

Turning the piece

To get the basket right side out, you’ll need to grab the base of the basket through the gap. Reach down and grab the fabric. Pull it through gently, working each corner bit my bit until you have fully turned. Then, pull the outer fabric over the lining fabric to create the basket shape.

Press the seam to make it crisp, especially the seam with the gap. Then topstitch all the way around the top with a zig-zag or a decorative stitch to close the gap and stabilise the top edge.


Turn the top few inches of the basket down to show off your lining fabric. A good press around the top of the basket will help keep the fold looking crisp and neat.

Made this? Let us know!

We’d love to see what you make with any of our tutorials. Feel free to email us your fabric baskets at social@oekakiworld.com or get in contact on Facebook or Twitter.


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