22nd August 2017

Appliqué techniques with the Oekaki Renaissance

Home is where the heart is, so why not put some heart into sewing this lovely keyring on your Oekaki, you’ll have the joy of this beautiful make every time you open your front door!

Making the appliqué shapes

This keyring uses appliqué to create the house shape – perfect for using up the tiniest of scraps. You can use a scalpel or a pair of very sharp scissors.

Start by applying some fusible interfacing to your scrap fabric to keep it neat and flat. Draw your house shapes onto the wrong side of the interfacing.

Then, cut out being careful not to warp or pull the fabric.

Appliquéing using the Oekaki Renaissance

Set your Oekaki Renaissance to zigzag with a 3.0 setting on your computerised panel, and keep your stitch length low. This means you can use the machine to create a thick, neat edge of stitching around your pieces. Choose thread that compliments each piece.

Tip: A clear foot will aid you in seeing your stitches and keeping neat.

Start to appliqué your shapes onto some rigid felt.

Constructing the key ring

Hammer-in grommets are available at all good craft stores – apply the grommet to the felt ready to put the key loop through.

Cutting and finishing

Cut around the shape using sharp scissors, attach your ring and you’re ready to go! What other designs will you create?

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