31st October 2017

Sew a monstrous Halloween treat bag

Happy Halloween! To get you ready for trick-or-treating, why not make this quick and easy felt monster bag to carry your sweet treats?

You will need:

  • Green felt: (2) 5’x 9.5″
  • Black felt: (2) 2″x 9.5″ and (1) 3”x 15” (for bag strap)
  • Red fabric: (1) 3″x 5″

Take one of your green felt pieces and cut it into two pieces, 4″x 5″ and a 5.5″x 5″. Line your red fabric up to the edge of the green piece, with the seam facing in towards the felt on both the pieces mentioned above. Stitch them together.

Line the two felt seams back up and pleat the red fabric in the back. Use the warmth of your fingers to press the seam open (don’t use an iron).

To make the face, cut two circles with black felt. Trace two circles on white/pink felt and cut them out. Trace and cut two eyelid shapes in green, along with a nose for the monster. Using the Oekaki function on your machine, stitch the pieces together on the face to create the eyes and nose.

While sewing the nose down, stuff a little stuffing in between the fabrics for a realistic look, but keep the bottom of the nose open for a 3D effect.

Use the tacking stitch to create some big stitches across the mouth. Then add a scar or two with the Oekaki function and a small stitch width.

Add some black felt zig zags to make hair for the face.

When you’ve finished the face, place the front and the back of your bag right sides together and sew around three sides, leaving the top open. Turn right side out and add your handle.

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