04th April 2017

Sew an Easter Inspired Tablet Case

Decorate a tablet case with an Easter inspired design perfect for protecting your device.

Start by making a template. It should be an inch wider than your tablet and two inches taller.

Then prepare your decoration. We cut this rabbit silhouette from scrap fabric. Why not use a joyful mix of spring colours, perhaps some eggs or flowers to go with your bunny?

Spring is all about enjoying colour. So dig into your scrap basket and find the most colourful and floral prints you can!

What is your inspiration for Easter?


Prepare two different types of fabrics for your tablet case, using your template. Two for the outer, two for the inner and two pieces of interfacing to match. Attach your interfacing to the outer fabric and then stitch your design onto the piece. Remember not to go further than the seam allowance!

Place rights sides together of matching outer pieces and sew on three sides (leaving the top open). Do the same for the lining, except only on the long sides keeping both top and bottom open. Turn the outer piece right sides out and press the corners. Then mark the centre point at the top opening. Make a loop of elastic and stitch it in place on one side.

Place the outer bag inside the lining tube, right sides together. Sew all the way around the open top edge. Turn right sides out and give the bag a good press, then push the lining down into the bag. You can hand-stitch the bottom closed once turned.

Stitch a button on one side for the elastic to loop over, and you’re done!

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