01st March 2014

Sew a Cotton Oven Glove

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The cold weather is starting to trickle away, and we’re about ready to throw open our windows and spring clean. But what’s a lovely clean house without the delicious scent of baking (and who wants to tidy up without the promise of cake at the end of it?). So to start your spring off right, why not whip up one of these cheery oven mitts and fall back in love with your oven!


Supplies (per one fabric basket)

  • Outer fabric
  • Lining fabric
  • Trim fabric (optional)
  • Plain cream cotton
  • Heat resistant wadding


  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Shears
  • Paper to make your template
  • Measuring tape
  • Ruler
  • Pan lid about the span of your hand
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Creating your template

Firstly, take a pan lid that’s roughly the span of your outstretched hand. On your paper, draw around half of the lid to make a curved semicircle that will form the nice curvy top of your oven mitt. From the edges of the semicircle, draw two straight lines 8 inches down (or the length required to go from the top of your palm to about halfway down your forearm). If you’re using a trim like I have, mark that onto your template as well. Mine is 2 inches high.

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Place your hand into the template so far, right against one edge. Stick your thumb out about 45 degrees away from your hand and draw around your thumb in a nice wide curve. You want to be 2 or 3 inches away from your thumb with the pencil at all times, to allow room for all the layers and to make sure your hand will slip in and out easily. If it looks a bit snug, don’t be afraid to go big!

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Preparing your pieces

Cut out your template, and use it to cut 2 pieces of your outer fabric, lining and wadding. Remember to leave a seam allowance! When cutting the wadding, cut it slightly smaller than your outer fabric as it’s much bulkier and won’t fit well inside otherwise. If you’re using a trim fabric, cut two pieces of those too. Because my outer and lining fabrics are fairly thin I’m also using a backing fabric to keep the wadding from showing through, and to add some extra stability. If you’re using backing cotton like I am, you will need 4 pieces of that too.

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Putting the mitt together

First, attach your trim (if using one) to the bottom of your outer fabric pieces. Then if you’re using backing cotton, sew, tack or fuse a piece of your backing to the wrong side of each piece of outer and lining fabrics.

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Take your outer fabric pieces, and pin them together right sides facing. Do the same with your lining fabrics, and pin your wadding pieces together as well. Sew around each of these with a straight stitch, taking care around the curved edges. You may have to adjust your tension when sewing the wadding. Once secured, leave the wadding and lining fabric sections as they are, and turn the outer fabric inside out. Slide the wadding section inside the glove section, and then slide the lining section inside the wadding. Put your hand in and use your thumb to push all the thumb sections into place inside each other if you need to. Your oven mitt is now ready for finishing!


Finishing off

Create a tab to hang your mitt up with, cut a long rectangle of your outer fabric, folded it in half lengthways (right sides facing) and straight stitched down the open side. You can then use a pencil to help push the fabric inside out, so the seam is on the inside, and iron the tab flat. Fold the tab over and pin the two raw edges in-between the outer and lining fabrics, above one of the side seams.

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Fold the open ends of the outer and lining fabrics over towards each other and pin. Close the open edge of the oven mitt by hand sewing, making sure to use small sturdy stitches, or top stitching. You may want to give your oven mitt a brisk iron once it’s finished just to smooth those edges out. Congratulations! You’re ready to get cooking!

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An oven mitt is a fairly simple project that looks professional and makes a great practical gift. You can add extra embellishments if you like (pompom trim around the bottom anyone?) but remember it’s going to be getting hot and it needs to grip well! The best part if that making your own oven mitt means you can match it perfectly to your kitchen!

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Made this? Let us know!

We’d love to see what you make with any of our tutorials. Feel free to email us your oven glove at social@oekakiworld.com or get in contact on Facebook or Twitter.


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