20th March 2017

Show Mum you care with an embroidered card



Sewing on paper, with a sewing machine? Really? Yep! With the Oekaki Renaissance you can sew on paper to make your very own stitched greetings cards!

This card is made using whatever cute decorations you want to make to personalise it for each occasion.




You can cut different shapes and letters to whatever you like for your card. In this card, we spelt out “Mum” in a cute floral print and added some flowers and pretty shapes onto a base of hessian. This is a great project for using up scraps! Pin the pieces in place when you’re happy with the positioning of them.

Use your machine in Oekaki mode to stitch around all the letters and shapes on the backing fabric. Then you can simply glue the backing (or sew it in a rectangle) onto a plain card and envelope.

This is a great project for kids to sew with parents too, as they can help with cutting the shapes and choosing the prints!


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