20th October 2017

Take your loose leaf tea with you!

Are you a tea fan? Now that the winter is knocking, there’s nothing better than a nice work cuppa after a long day. Now to make life easier you can enjoy your speciality loose leaf tea easily with one of these lovely tea holders.

To start, collect your tea filters and draw 2 squares on each tea filter, 4.5 cm wide each, along the adhesive seam of the bag.

Sew up the bag on three sides keeping the top open, with a zigzag stitch.

Cut all bags close to the zigzag seam, at the top edge below the glued seam.


Fill the bags with your speciality tea. One teaspoonful of tea is perfect for a single cuppa, and the teaspoon should fit in the opening with ease.

When you have filled all the bags, cut 20 pieces from kitchen gauze; each should be 13 cm long. Use cotton fabric to cut 40 small squares, each 3cm square. Place the squares with right sides together. Fold the bags up. Fold the two corners on the left and right diagonally towards the middle fold and then the edge down, about 1 cm wide. This is where you will later attach the twine.

Sew over the twine with a zig-zag stitch, as above to secure the twine. Sew along the edge, beginning and ending about 0.5 cm before each side.


Secure the thread with a backstitch at the start and end of the stitch line. Do not cut the thread after this process, but pull it through the machine a little and near the next “note”. You can be sew all the bags continuously before finally, cutting all the threads with small, sharp scissors.

Now that the twine is stitched to the bags, you can fold the bags and put the twine under the edge from the right. Sew the upper edge with straight stitch, while the twine is caught.

You’re done! And ready to enjoy your loose leaf tea wherever you go.

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