30th June 2017

Whip up workspace storage!

No matter what your workspace looks like, whether it’s a full blown sewing room or just a little nook in the family room, we could all do with a bit more storage.

This project lets you create some customisable workspace storage with minimal sewing, letting you spend the time at your machine creating amazing designs with your Oekaki Renaissance!

You’ll need some fabrics, thread and embroidery hoops to complete your hanging pockets. Have a go with different sizes!

1. Preparing the pocket

Start with rectangles or squares. One square slightly bigger than your hoop, and a rectangle about half the height. Turn over the top edge of your rectangle and stitch it down to make a hem. Why not try a decorative stitch?

Apply a bit of fusible interfacing to the back of your rectangle to give it support when items are placed inside.

2. Oekaki stitching

On your larger square, stitch your design above the place where the pocket will sit. We’ve gone for a nice slogan “create” here, but you could do anything.

3. Making pockets

Overlay the pocket piece on the background piece. Mark with pins where you want your pockets to sit, then simply stitch straight to create smaller pockets for tools.

4. Using the hoop

Pop the pieces into the hoop and pull taught to get a nice smooth pocket. Trim away the excess and pull the raw edges towards the back of the hoop. Once hung, they’ll stay put.

5. Play with different designs

These hoops are so easy to whip up using scraps.

Hang and you’re ready to go!

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