The Toyota Oekaki Renaissance comes packed with features useful for a range of sewing needs.

Utility Sewing Features

  • 50 stitch programme for all your required seams and finishes
  • Variable width technology in Oekaki mode for free motion embroidery
  • SuperJeans technology for sewing through up to 12 layers of fabric
  • Thick thread capabilities for heavy duty sewing 1 step button hole maker
  • Speed control buttons
  • Width and length of stitch control

  • Easy computerised interface
  • Reverse sewing button
  • Quick adviser for help on threading and use
  • Drop feed Bobbin winder
  • Start/Stop computerised buttons
  • Needle up/down computerised button
  • Digital stitch indicator Easy use needle threader

OEKAKI (free-motion embroidering) Features

  • Oekaki button to set up the freehand embroidery mode
  • Variable width control based on foot pedal pressure to enable you to have more variety way of Oekaki
  • Tacking/Temporary stitching (stitch pattern A3 on Oekaki mode) with automatic open-close tension plate

Included Accessory Features

  • Large extension table
  • Zipper foot for easy insertion
  • Overcasting foot for stretch fabrics and neat finishes
  • Gliding foot for multiple layers
  • Non stick foot for oil cloth, PVC and leather type fabrics
  • Quilting guide for sewing multiple layers & wadding
  • Blind stitch foot for delicate hems
  • Sewing machine needles: 1pc. x #11, 2pcs. x #14, 2pcs. x #18, 2pcs.

  • Plastic bobbins (4 included)
  • Embroidery foot for clear freehand embroidery work
  • Zigzag foot,the most basic foot for the various kinds of stitching
  • Buttonhole foot for making button hole
  • Starter kit
  • Quick adviser
  • Sheep tapestry kit

Optional accessory and Capability

  • Twin needle sewing / Twin needle & supplement spool pin
  • Flower stitch foot